Working with Venues

There's no way to pretend that venues haven't been struggling over the recent years. The North West has been the worst hit and according to the Beer And Pub Association, over 2,000 venues in the UK closed in 2009.

There are a lot of great ways that venue owners have created new lines of business, attracting and bringing in new patrons and retaining customer loyalty; ranging from meal deals, free drinks and entry, advertising, quiz nights, charity involvements, sponsorings - the list is endless.

One great way is to add a musical addition. ManchesterSound is involved with over 600 bands and artists of all genres who are looking for venues to play and we are able to work with you to provide a great night for your customers.

The services we can provide to venues are massively varied, including, but not limited to - open mic nights, band nights, jazz nights, cover nights, jam sessions, themed events, promoting to the local and surrounding area, incorporating other local businesses into events, offers and deals on drink and food, provide tickets, stamps, posters and even sort out the PA System.

Nothing is off the table and we're more than enthusiastic to organise a one off event (such as a grand opening after a recent renovation or launch of a new menu), a series of events (such as a band night once or twice a month) or if you rent out a function room for private parties - why not offer that party a live act which is included in the price or for a little extra? We'll do all that.

So, if you work for or own a venue and are looking for something to liven up your establishment - give us a call and or take a look at our FAQ.