Privacy Policy

We take your privacy seriously. We won't sell your information to advertisers or ever use your e-mail for spam. The information we do collect from you is fair and has a purpose; we don't ask for what we don't need.

If you have any concerns of questions - privacy(at)

When You Browse Our Website

When you browse our website, our services automatically collect and process certain information (IP Address, browser type, etc) but no personal information is stored or received. We use this information to ensure that our website is up to date and functions correctly.

We do have links to websites third parties which are not owned or operated by ManchesterSound - as a result, we cannot take responsibility for their content, advertisments or policies.

To support us further in our efforts to make a useful and informative website, we use Google Analytics and the SoundCloud flash music player. Their policies can be found here and here.

There is nothing spectacular about how our website operates.

When You Contact Us

When you contact us, we ask you for certain information which we require to be able to handle your request appropriately and accurately. We store the details you provide us with in two ways -

E-mail - Information you enter is converted into an e-mail which is redirected to the most suitable person/department. These e-mails are kept on our servers until deleted and may continue to exist in any back ups. There's nothing that we can really do about that.

Events Management System - When you contact us via our online options, the information you enter is added to our Events Management System, where access is limited - please read the section on our EMS for more information.

About Our Events Management System

ManchesterSound has developed a Customer Relationship Manager, which we affectionally refer to as EMS or CRM. This system maintains information and details of events, bands, artists and clients who we work with or of those who are interested in appearing at some of our events.

We keep this information secure and away from prying eyes - thought the information stored contains mostly publically available information (such as an artist's email address, website, et al) and IS personally identifiable. We store absolutely no personal financial details or bank information on our system; it is not a risk that we are willing to take with your privacy or safety.

ManchesterSound Monthly Newsletter

The aim of our newsletter is to keep you updated on goings on - not just about ManchesterSound, but about notable gigs and news taking place in the world music. We'll never pass on your e-mail address. We won't spam you or send you e-mails that aren't the newsletter. We will provide a link in each e-mail that lets you stop receiving the e-mails really easily (just click and you'll never receive it again) and we'll make it as interesting as possible.

We Love The Data Protection Act 1998

Under the DPA1998, a person who's data we store has certain rights and we will fully comply with any requests you make in regards of accessing, updating or removing any information you have provided with us. If you have any concerns or questions, contact us at privacy(at)