Jobs and Careers

If you've got this far, then you should already know at least a little bit about us and how we work. If you don't, make sure that you read about us and the things we offer before you continue.

Available Positions

Promoters (for organising and hosting events)

You'll be insanely reliable, trustworthy and outgoing with an ear for music and you're ability to keep things straight forward will be through the roof. Ideally, you'll be located around the Manchester or its outer areas (Didsbury, Salford, etc) and will already have experience putting on events.

You'll be working under your own steam - so you'll be motivated and passionate for the role. You'll be expected to host a minimum of one event each month and therefore be confident enough to approach new venues and businesses for event opportunities proactively.

With no set working hours or adenda, this role is ideal for those who require extra income on a part time basis, for those who wish to compliment their on-going studies or for vetran promoters who make a living organising events.

Designers (for posters, clothing, websites, CSS based layouts, etc)

You'll already have the skills, knowledge and software to create unique and interesting designs to the specifications of our bands, artists, promoters or venues. Ideally, you will have experience, but this is not required. Being able to work to deadlines is an absolute must.

Sound Technicians (for use at events)

You'll already have good experience using sound-tech and have a great understanding of PA Systems at live events. Knowledgable, reliable and able to work with other people and the ManchesterSound team.

Work Placements

If part of your degree or studies requires an industrial placement or a project, then ManchesterSound will give you a hand to meet the placement critera.

You'll be able to shadow and work with us for the whole duration or part of the duration of the placement, with the opportunity to get involved by organising your own events and getting involved with the development of bands.

Please be aware, there is only limited availabilty for those on placements.

How To Get Involved

It's really quite simple. E-mail us at jobs(at)

Tell us about yourself, ideally, include a C.V. as well.