Events & Gigs

Playing well is basically the pinnicale of doing well in the industry and what better way is there to prove that you are genuinely talented by getting up on a stage and doing what you do best than playing at an event?

We've got an absolutely unique way of putting on our gigs; working with independant promoters who are responsible for their own events, using ManchesterSound as their support network - ensuring that their gigs have the equipment, promotion, security and pretty much anything else they need, leaving our promoter to focus only on your event running smoothly.

The promoters we work with are experienced, knowledgble, reliable and fair - we really dislike events where bands come away without a generous renumeration for their time and we even operate away from the "share of each ticket sale" model that other promoters use, as much as we can.

If you're a band who'd like to play at some ManchesterSound events, then we can put you forward and create events around your particular style of music. We're open to all genres, sizes, age and flavours. Get in contact with us.