Bass of Ace - One More Time (2012)

Released On 2012-09-27

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Heavily influenced by Daft Punk, South Korean producer Bass of Ace is here to wake your French senses like a crepe stand in front of the Sacre Coeur.

Classically trained at a young age like every Korean child, he turned his interest to electronic music in 2010 when he bought his first MIDI keyboard and produced his first track "Welcome to Spacecamp" using Reason 4.

Back then, his stage name was "GrilledTuner". He released his first EP in early 2012, and switched his gear and bpm and began producing his favourite genre, French House, and you are now listening to what came from that transformation. - "South Korean Bass of Ace has posted us a refreshing and sturdy admission of contemporary re-takes completely deferential and irrespective of their Originals and marvellously turning each and every one into his own patent Bass of Ace sound.

Spreading transitional glows of escapism throughout ones icy heart and transforming the dare-to-dream-about mindset that you would wish to own, from by in which you would be retaining if you were a resident in the realm called Heaven.

These soul-entrenched and body-moving, absent minded (in a picturesque sense) electronic-narratives are as lovely as the concept entitled Bass of Ace"