About ManchesterSound

With over 25 years combined musical knowledge and just as much time spent exploring the city of Manchester for the best spots and places to celebrate music, we know what you want and just what you need.

We feel the key to running a strong and heathly company is transparency in itself and in its actions; we are the ethical types, the open source enthusiasts who are constantly creating new promotional strategies.

Focusing on quality, rather than quantity, we're a small company and we're proud of that. We're not a faceless corporation - we're human and know that you are too. We're open and will tell you how it is.

ManchesterSound is bringing back the music scene to the city, because we love this place. It's where we were born and where we grew up. There is such a huge, interesting range of people here and we all need to embrace that.

The ManchesterSound Team

We work with a load of different people. Supporting local designers, we don't outsource further than we have to and we only use the best to give you the quality you need. There are some supporting players though -

Christopher S. - with a background in sales and a qualified photographer, Chris is one of the lead promoters and band advisors for ManchesterSound. As a talent scout, he recognises good music and is always on the look out.

Tony R. - with a varied background ranging from Marketing to Security, Tony is often behind the scenes coordinating events, checking up on the books and ensures it all comes together.

O'Brien - in charge of textual media, he spends his time writing reviews, articles for various publications. Writing ever since he could pick up a pen, O'Brien has been lending his skills to anyone who needs them.

John & Simon - the sound tech guys, advisors for the technical. Their excellent knowledge comes from their personal experience in the industry.

Are you interested in joining our team?